About us


Blossom came into being in July, 2001 as a nursery school committed to imparting education to little children aimed at laying a strong foundation focused on their future. The school is run by Wisdom foundation, an educational trust established for providing quality education to young boys and girls aspiring for excellence.


The specific objectives of Blossom Public School are:

    • To provide educational facilities aimed at laying a strong foundation for young children.
    • To improve individual skills like leadership and communications skills among young children
    • To impart value-based education and training to youth to make them socially responsible
    • To offer an environment to young children enabling them to experience the joy of learning through personalised instruction and guidance
    • To instil confidence and courage in young children and prepare them to face challenges without constraint.


Blossom Public School offers a right beginning for a bright future to young children both boys and girls. Education for excellence will be our enduring endeavour.

“Give us a Bud and Take back a Flower” will be a never ending mission to all of us at Blossom.