The curriculum of Blossom Public School is being worked out keeping in mind the fact that too much of teaching too early will only burden them. Fun- based learning environment at Blossom creates holistic development and life skills enhancement. It helps children become independent , active and engaged learners. Concentration on communication skills, creative thinking ,character formation and career focused study will form the foundation on which the future of our children will be built undoubtedly a notch higher. Blossom focuses on providing advanced teaching methodology with modified teaching techniques that help children build a strong base to face the future of this competitive world and changing scenarios.

Periodical review of the curriculum in consultation with the stakeholders, systematic efforts taken to create interest for education in children through fresh and new methodology of teaching and learning process, inculcate spiritual& moral values and importance of being an egalitarian are the linchpin and cynosure of Blossom.

Blossom Public School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Our K-12 children reap benefits and make the most out of the interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum that accurately balances academics ,creative arts, sports, life skills ,values and adaptability to changes according to the status quo or scenario. We follow CCE pattern to assess the performance , productivity and progress of our children. Children with learning difficulties are identified at regular intervals and essential remedial measures are employed and monitored for enhancing their learning process & performance . Regular communication with parents regarding their children's progress is ensured.


Blossom introduces a friendly environment with fun based learning at their own pace. Understanding the transition of kids from home to school, Blossom incorporates and focuses on the idea that the best way to learn is , "Learning By Doing"- that children observe from their day-to-day life experiences and apply them when required.

Fun filled interactive colourful classrooms, nutritious week ,colour week , activities and games, phonics drills, usage of teaching aids, singing , hands-on activities and field trips provide children shed their inhibition, acquire knowledge ,skills ,vocabulary and help enhance their social and interactive skills which are of dire importance for their progress as they step into kindergarten stage.


Blossom lays a strong foundation at this phase for the toddlers . Essential experiential learning is imported through play way method. Children are exposed to learning through fun activities, interactions, singing and arts which helps the tiny tots develop interest and acquire knowledge easily and quickly and retain the concepts they observe and experience practically at this grasping age.

LSRW Skills for languages and basic concepts of math are introduced at this level. The highlights of play way teaching learning process with highly interactive and lively classrooms at kindergarten starts with the usage of flash cards, models, toys, phonics audio visual aids, karadi path, singing, reading, story telling, vocabulary games, hands on activities and group activities.

Moral values, cultural excellence, language competency are fostered through team - based conceptual programs and concepts through CHARMS, FLAP & LOVE.

These initiatives help serve kids exhibit their latent talents, unleash their innovative skills, creativity, enhance their language proficiency, create an environment to think out of box and provide the platform to observe and prepare themselves to adapt the shift from nursery to primary school of learning.


A pleasant transition from colourfully designed classroom to inquisitive, interesting and innovative classrooms, club activities co curricular & extra curricular activities of Blossom Primary Section.

The blooming buds have ample opportunities to explore and enrich themselves on their fine and gross motor skills apart from enjoying learning. The right start given at the credulous and easily mouldable age.

Firm basement is laid on communication skills (LSRW) and concepts to instill effectively and progress successfully through exposing and enriching the young minds with, karadi path program, Library, LAW words for vocabulary and language competency, BREAD (Blossom Read Enjoy And Discover) for English and Tamil reading enhancement, English latent talent boards, weekly assemblies, club activities on creating awareness and instilling the importance of library, cultural and nature through JOY, SMILE AND LEAD clubs, LOVE concept & SCHOOL CINEMA for moral and human values, field trips & outdoor learning as a part of experiential learning, are the innumerable compiled amusing activities designed for academic excellence at Primary Section.

Facilitators monitor the progress & assess kids academic performance via 2 semester exams, 2 skill test, weekly test, projects and assignments. Remedial measures are also taken to fulfill the gaps between the different levels of learners. Blossom tailors a hospitable curriculum so that all children acquire the necessary level of knowledge.


In order to equip and empower children with exceptional education, NCERT syllabus is followed. Children are encouraged, motivated and supported with individual care and attention to perform extremely well both in scholastic and co scholastic areas through experiential and enquiry based approach insisted by CBSE.

Children are flooded with innumerable platforms to exhibit their talents as Blossom always focuses on well rounded learning and also gives equal importance and support to club activities sports arts & group discussions that hones the physical and mental capacities of children.

Junior secondary focuses on LSRW skills for language proficiency, BLISS, CAN, CARE, FIT & HUMAN CLUBS are "A Shot In The Arm" in the all round development and improvement of the yound minds, school cinema instils values, field trips and outdoor learning programs help improve enquiry and experiential based learning. Olympiad exams are conducted to enrich their quest for learning.


THE LOWER SECONDARY(GRADES IX & X) & THE UPPER SECONDARY(GRADES XI & XII) are the sub categories of Secondary education at Blossom. Affiliated to CBSE, NCERT syllabus is followed as a study tool. The quality of education has no compromise. Children are trained by highly qualified specialised experts, effectively incorporating the mindfulness and techniques by using their teaching strategies on preparing children for their radiant future.

It is greatly commendable that we expose children, equip and train them for their future transition and to pursue their stream of educational choices. Blossom takes extra care in training children for NEET, JEE & Foundation with top notch content based coaching by subject expert wizards.

Career Guidance Program is organised keeping the future career of children in mind. Hotshot Doyens are invited & necessary career guidance is given to help children choose their career with a clear mind frame essential for facing this competitive world with confidence.

This mentoring, coaching and counselling definitely bridges the gap between the schooling system, competitive exam and higher education. It helps children explore and identify their potential and areas of interest that paves way for their new tomorrow.

Orientation given at Blossom for children restore interpersonal skills, awareness about planning, preparation, time management skills for entrance and competitive exams, and for the proper understanding the concepts.

Blossom serves as a backbone for children and provides the best guidance and tutelage with specialised experts to impart good coaching and support the children till they achieve their goals.